Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little of This....A Little of That

Howdy y' is what we have been up to lately and some frugal tips...

1- What are we eating this week? I wasn't really in the meal planning mood this week, so we are kinda flying by the seat of our pants. Ain't no shame in that game!

Monday— Basil Pesto in pasta and chicken, salad, bread
(This pesto was soooooooo yummy!!!!)

Tuesday--- Roast Beef sandwiches and fries---- Put a roast and 2 cans of beef consomme in the crock pot and let it cook all day. Shred the meat and reserve the liquid and you have french dip sandwiches. My kids love this and I love that it is super easy!

Wednesday— Chicken enchiladas--- Another super easy recipe: Brown beef with an onion and bell pepper. Mix in a block of cream cheese ( I always use fat free) and then divide and wrap the mixture in 8 whole wheat tortillas. Cover with 2 cans of enchilada sauce ( I use green sauce) and sprinkle with low fat Mexican cheese blend and bake until the cheese melts.

Thursday---  Leftovers

Friday---  Eat out

Saturday--- BBQ and party food

Go here to see what other folks are having this week at Organizing Junkie.

2. We are redecorating our house and I have been on the hunt for rugs. I have found an amazing web site with great rugs----Rugs USA! They have super prices and a great selection. Make sure to register with them and sign in each time you order a rug. You can earn points and use those points to save on future purchases.

Here is our new bedroom rug. I LOVE it!!!!

3. Spray paint is my new best friend!

This is going to go in the living room. We are getting some new furniture and redecorating this room and needed something at add a pop of color. This will definitely pop!

4. I took a sewing class this summer and I am loving being able to make things for a fraction of the cost. Throw pillows are out of control, y'all! For reals.....$65-$125 for a pillow? Umm, I don't think so. I have been making my own for our new sofa in the living room----now we just have to go to Charlotte and get the sofa! Make sure to sign up for coupons from Joanne's and Hobby Lobby and any other craft stores in your area. You can buy fabric for very little money and make things and get a designer look for a fraction of what it costs to buy them in the stores.

I would rather make my own and get exactly what I want for less any day!

5. One of my other sewing projects is window treatments. It is amazing what window treatments and a rug will do for a room----and you don't have to spend a fortune! It also helps that I have a wonderful and very talented friend that came over one morning and the children played while she taught me how to make a professional looking window treatment.

Here is one of my new valences for the kitchen----made from fabric from Walmart. Yes, you read that right....WALMART!

Needless to say....gettin' crafty is messy work so my dining room looks like this--

I am sure my husband loves that he spent all that time building me a table and making me a craft room and I still end up working at the dining room table. Oh well....he loves me anyway.

6. We came in $72 under budget last it! I should be stashing that money away or putting it towards a bill. However, I am sure all of the fabric I have bought the past couple of weeks have taken care of that little chunk o'change. It's ok though because our little house is looking more and more put together. That makes this momma very happy!

7. If you are looking for a way to track what you eat and how much you exercise each day, check out My Fitness Pal. This site is great! You can also download an app that allows you to track on your phone. You can set your goals and MFP tells you how many calories you need to eat each day in order to meet your goals. My favorite part is the app allows you to scan foods and add them quickly to your daily journal. I have used other apps in the past that I paid a monthly membership to use and this is just as nice and useful as those.

Hope you are having a good summer. School will be starting soon here......I have very mixed emotions about that.

Happy deal hunting, y'all!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can' t tell you how proud I am off all of your great decorating, sewing and comical blogging. I am so blessed to have you in my when are you coming to redecorate my casa?
love you tons, Marie P

CTBaker in the Acres said...

1. We made pesto this week too!
2. Love all your projects!
3.I also use MFP and love it. I have people try to "friend" me all the time and can't handle it b/c I feel like I'm under a microscope! ;-)
4. See you tomorrow!